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Welcome to EQLankaSEO.com, the most preferred and the best SEO Sri Lanka company. Let us explain in detail about the search engine optimization, how getting page one results on search engine, helps your business in Sri Lanka and so on, through below 5 bullet points :

  1. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. What We Do
  3. Why We are Best SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka
  4. Our Search Engine Optimization Services
  5. What is NEXT to Get More Visitors to Your Website

SEO Sri Lanka

1. What is SEO? Why it is ‘MUST’ Marketing Method (or Tool or Technique) for a Sri Lanka Business

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of optimizing websites for search engines (example : Google, Bing) and gaining top rankings on the search engines results page in Sri Lanka. For an example, you are a tour operator in Sri Lanka and offer holiday packages in Sri Lanka, if someone who wants to enjoy a holiday in down South, searches on Google like tour operators in Sri Lanka, and if you are on page 1 – the searcher (the Google user / your target customer / your potential customer) will click on your website link from the search results, and visit your website, then the searcher may contact you, and it may lead to a sale for you (please note that, “more the visitors you receive, more the sales you get”).

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Increased use of internet in Sri Lanka let the residents or tourists of Sri Lanka to search online to satisfy their needs and wants. Search engines are valuable tool for internet users to search around the world wide web. That is, getting top rankings on search engines results page, becomes a must factor for Sri Lanka businesses to get more sales, business growth and so on. Even though there are many search engines on the world wide web, under the current climate, Google secures the highest market share of search engines (i.e. the most of the online searchers use Google as their search engine). This fact pushes the local businesses to invest on gaining top rankings on Google search results – this is where the SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka plays a vital role in promotions & marketing. Professional SEO company, EQLankaSEO.com helps local businesses in Sri Lanka to get top rankings on search engines’ (Google) search results page. Contact us today for FREE, no obligation SEO quote.
Sri Lanka SEO

Nowadays, regardless of the products or services that the businesses offer, having online visibility (online presence) is key to success & SEO becomes a key strategy of every market strategies (market plans) of local Sri Lanka firms/businesses. Due to the rapid growth of technology & the unavoidable internet usage, the businesses cannot survive without SEO, so this is the right time to look for a SEO expert, and we are here to serve your SEO needs and optimize your website & secure top rankings on search engines for you, please fill the form on right hand or call us today & increase your online visibility before your competitors step into online market.

With growing online activities of your target customers in Sri Lanka, having a website without any visitors is pointless and it is just waste of investment on web design and web hosting. Optimizing the website for search engines is required to get free clicks/visitors from search engines, and covert those visitors into your customers. EQLankaSEO.com – the SEO company in Sri Lanka gains top rankings on search engine results page and supports to sales growth, business expansion and more for local businesses. It is clear now, the investment with a professional, experienced and affordable SEO company in Sri Lanka will boost your search engine rankings & sales and will leave you with the best R.O.I (return on investment).

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2. What We Serve for Our Fellow Sri Lanka Businesses

In summary, we serve the search engine optimization needs of clients in Sri Lanka. Let’s analyze further on how SEO helps businesses for a “Boost”.

Gain Top Rankings on Search Engine Results Page

SEO Results Sri Lanka
Google uses 1000+ factors to rank the websites for a search term (search query), it sounds “puzzle” for many businesses which have no idea (or limited knowledge) about search engine optimization. This is where, we, your SEO specialist in Sri Lanka, EQLankaSEO.com – here to guide, help, work and support our fellow Sri Lankans to get top ranks and drive more sales, brand exposure and etc.

Google Map Listing (Top Rankings on Google Local Listings)

SEO Listing Results Sri Lanka

When you search on Google, other than the list of 10 websites, these days Google displays a map containing few addresses, phone numbers and reviews of the businesses in local market, relevant to the search term. This is known as Google map listings. In most of the cases, only the 3 business are ranked here. With this map, Google gives more flexibility for its users – simply by checking out the address, phone numbers and reviews, the Google users can dial the business for more details without visiting to the business website.

That is, “top the Google map listings” – “more the phone calls” – “more the sales”.

EQLankaSEO.com, your SEO Sri Lanka Company has experience on listing our clients on Google map listings and we were praised by our past clients for getting more calls with Google map listings optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Sri Lanka

Understanding Your Business as Your SEO Agency in Sri Lanka

With years of experience in search engine optimization, we clearly understand the needs of different businesses in different industries, i.e. we are aware that, the needs of tour operating business in Sri Lanka is differs from, either a hotel business or a textile business in Sri Lanka. We reflects this understanding on our keyword analysis, SEO strategy & SEO implementation processes in order to secure top positions on Google results page or Google maps listings for a search term relevant to the business / industry. More on what we offer to our clients :

  • As a leading SEO agency in Sri Lanka, we take the pride, not only to gain top rankings on Google, but also to create a positive & the most engaging image for your business on online.
  • Your SEO company in Sri Lanka, EQLankaSEO.com ensures our clients get the most profitable clicks from the internet and ends up with the best R.O.I with our extra ordinary SEO consultancy services.
  • With our SEO services, we assists our clients on increasing sales, lead generation, online brand reputation management (branding), new business acquisitions and etc.
  • We play a vital role on increasing your market share. How? SEO helps you to stand on top of your competitor, even you may not able to beat your competitors with offline marketing activities, and with SEO you can easily change the things in your market, i.e. easily secure more market share than your competitors easily by increasing your online visibility through top rankings on Google (i.e. with SEO).
  • We, your SEO expert in Sri Lanka, help to reach your target customers & save your cost. How? Believe it or not, the SEO is more targeted marketing method, it directly sends a potential customer for you than other marketing activities like Television or newspaper advertisement. Because, people with the needs (which you serve) search on search engine (Google) and they click on your website and visit your website, on the other hand it is not the case with TV advertisement (it does not mean every viewers of your TV or news paper advertisement will buy a product/service you sell with).

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3. Why EQLankaSEO.com is Your Ideal SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka

    • We are serving the SEO needs of international market too.
    • We are led by a Senior SEO Consultant with over 10+ years of search engine optimization experience in hand.
    • We have worked with small to large scale of businesses and gained top rankings on Google for them.
    • Even we serve the international market, our prices are still affordable for local market of Sri Lanka.
    • We serve our Sri Lanka businesses with a passion and patriotism.
    • Your satisfaction is our goal, we understand your goals prior to the SEO planning stage to ensure our plan aligns with your goals. We are motivated by our clients satisfaction.
    • We follow the SEO standards like “Google webmaster guidelines” to optimize the website and we follow white-hat SEO practices (that is no harm to your website in future).
    • With our SEO Skills we connect you with your target customers online easily without any hassle.

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SEO Sri Lanka

Find more reasons to hire us as your SEO consultant in Sri Lanka

4. Our Search Engine Optimization Services on Offer (website & Google map optimization)

Below are list of services which should be tailored and nailed with a SEO service. A professional SEO expert should take care of these, in order to send quality target visitors to clients’ website. As your SEO Sri Lanka Company, and we want to ensure your growth & profits, so it is our duty to work on these for you.

  • Keyword Research

    We do keyword (search term) research to find out the best keywords to rank on Google to send more clicks to your website. We usually recommend the keywords with more average monthly searches on Google.

  • Competitor Research

    We explore your competitors online activities and figure out their online engagement strategies and apply it to yours (if possible).

  • Online Market Research

    Based on the keyword research and competitor research, we pen the brief online market research to compare the market demand (keyword research) and market supply (competitors activities).

  • Web Audit (Technical Audit)

    We audit your website and find out the areas to alter to make your website search engine friendly.

  • On-page SEO

    Based on the output of online market research & web audit, we implement the necessary changes to your website to ensure the website is search engine friendly, with your approval (in most of the cases, these are only very minor changes, example : changing the website title etc).

  • Off-page SEO (Link Building)

    We build links (getting links from other websites pointing to your website) from other high authority websites to receive more trust from search engines.

  • Online Brand Management

    Using various websites and social media sites we create and maintain your brand online.

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5. What is NEXT to Get More Visitors to Your Website

We love to talk to you, our potential client with search engine optimization needs in Sri Lanka. Please fill up the form on the right hand side and contact us, your best SEO Sri Lanka company.

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