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Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a website for search engines results page. Search engines have their own algorithms and procedures when organizing the search results and displaying for the search queries; such algorithms are the business secrets of the search engines and are not available for public. Anyhow, there are search engines which offers basic guidelines and tips on what are the qualities of a good website. Based on those information and the experience, SEO companies or SEO consultants optimize the websites for search engines results pages. There is NO agreement or contract between the search engines and the SEO companies, and there is nothing called “Google certified SEO provider”, Google does not offer any such certification, other than that Google offers set of procedures they would like to see in a website, which is called “Google webmaster guidelines”. A professional SEO service provider should follow the Google webmaster guidelines to optimize the website.

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Usually SEO projects begins with the market research, which consists of analyzing the search terms relevant to the business and delivering the report with the search terms and their estimated searches per month. With the deliverable, one can decide to which search terms (keywords) to rank for and to which search terms (keywords) not to.

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On the next phase, we will audit the client website to find out any areas which are not search engine friendly (example : URL structure which is not search engine friendly) and fix them to make the website search engine friendly (on-page SEO).

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Once the on-page SEO is completed, link building is the next step to follow up. We gain quality links from Google friendly pages to increase the trust to the client website. And by applying search engine friendly strategies we will get top rankings on search engines for you. As professional SEO company in Sri Lanka we always follow the white-hat SEO practices which are highly recommended by Google and other search engines. Call us today to optimize your website for Google and get more clicks & sales.

Search Engine Optimization