Time for Sri Lanka Businesses to Focus on Online Market Demand

In 2017, even though Sri Lanka is one of the developing country in the World, it does not mean Sri Lankans are far away beyond the digital World. Almost everyone has their smartphone and familiar with internet, Facebook, Google and more. As result of technology growth and globalization, Sri Lankans are up to date on what is happening around the World.

How Google & Facebook Help for More Sales

As this is the current climate, for the businesses operating in Sri Lanka, it is must now to go for online market and secure their market share on online through various popular online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Even though Facebook helps to reach target audience, the reach through Google is easier to convert into sales compare to Facebook.

This is because, with Google, businesses reach almost the target audience, that is, if someone wants to buy something they query on Google to find the product/service. By so, almost the Google users are on the way to purchase. So, covering more market space on Google platform is vital for the businesses, and it is inbound marketing method, which costs lower compare to television, radio, newspaper and other traditional campaigns.

On the other hand, even though target customers liked the business’s Facebook page, it is not always guaranteed they are on a buying process compare to a Google user comes from a Google search. Anyhow, it is important for Sri Lanka businesses to use combination of both Facebook and Google to get more sales/results out of the online market demand.

Google PPC Vs SEO

There are two ways the businesses can have their visibility on Google. Such as Google Adwords Campaign (Pay per click) and Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the Google Adwords (PPC), the businesses pay Google for each and every click the website receives from the Adword. For a single Google search, Google displays about 4 Adwords on top and 1-2 on the bottom of the search results page. That is, there is room for only 4-5 business for a search term. Google chooses the Adwords to display based on the bid amount and the Adwords quality. So, the businesses should pay more than their competitors to stay on top. On long run, Google PPC is expensive (specially on a competitive market), even though it drives results. It is obvious that many businesses may not have ideas on how to work with PPC, on such cases there are online marketing companies like EQLankaSEO.com in Sri Lanka to help businesses to get success with Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Optimizing business website to Google helps to drive FREE traffic from Google. But it takes time subjected to the competition, business market, the search phrases to get top rankings and more. Even though it takes time, on the long run, the businesses will get great amount of benefits compare to Google PPC. EQLankaSEO.com is one of the best SEO company in Sri Lanka serving international and local clients since 2007. With huge amount of experience, EQLankaSEO.com gets top rankings on Google and helps businesses in Sri Lanka and globally to get more sales and generate more profits.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Even though the most of the businesses have website for their business in Sri Lanka, there are businesses which do not have mobile friendly website. That is, the businesses are not up to date with the technology. As discussed above, many Sri Lankans visit the website through their mobile devices compare to desktop devices. If the website is not mobile friendly, the target customer may simply switch to a competitor who has mobile friendly website. So, it is very important for businesses to ensure the mobile friendliness of their website. EQLankaSEO.com helps businesses in web designing too, to hire a web designer in Sri Lanka who ensures mobile friendliness and search engine friendliness of website design, contact EQLankaSEO.com today.

How SEO Impacts Your Business In Sri Lanka

The fundamental premise for having an SEO strategy is to draw traffic from your target consumer group and thereby achieve sales growth and increase in revenue. But as a business in Sri Lanka it is important to understand that SEO strategies do not deliver top rankings overnight. It should be viewed as a continuous process. That is why it is useful to partner with a professional organization such as ourselves to create a healthy working relationship where we could guide you through the process step-by-step of the way.

No matter what industry you are in, the competition among companies in Sri Lanka is becoming quite stiff. Therefore it is useful to apply strategic techniques which would help set your company above the rest of the competition. It is also important that you build up a reputation and create a sustainable competitive edge. This can be achieved through SEO. With almost all companies operating within Sri Lanka now building their online presence, it is essential that you try to outperform your competitors in this aspect. The following are some of the positives brought about by search engine optimization.

  • Your website becomes more user friendly
  • You would be able to reach a wider target consumer group
  • Achieve better conversion rates

Why SEO Is Essential For Business Growth

A major part of defining your business success within Sri Lanka is how aware your consumers are about your brand and the brand value created around it. This is one of the more hidden advantages offered through proper SEO strategies. But the impact is quite significant. It is found that consumers are more likely to trust businesses which have higher search rankings and better online presence. Therefore it is a must that as an aspiring company in Sri Lanka that you build your brand awareness through SEO. We invite you to partner with us to develop this strategy in the most suitable form for your company.

You will also be able to build a stable and dedicated fan base. Within the strong competition you would be faced with within Sri Lanka it is important that you build loyalty among your customer base for your brand. Since there is a close tie between social media networks and SEO practices, it is imperative that businesses in Sri Lanka capitalize upon this. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to explore how we can build a customized solution for you.