How Businesses Can Survive with Coronavirus, COVID-19

COVID-19 Vs Online Market Demand

Current COVID-19 situation forces every business to go online in order to survive for long run. On the other hand, the COVID-19 opened up the demand for home delivery businesses, that in turn boosts the online businesses not only in Sri Lanka but also all around the World. The COVID-19 pushes the World to go digital than ever before. There are local businesses and firms understand the impact of the Coronavirus situation, and move forward to serve their customers and target audience via online. If you look at the Facebook sponsor advertisements, online freelancer job posting sites and etc, you may notice there are entrepreneurs and big cooperates seeking for e-commerce website, social media marketing services, SEO services and more digital marketing services. Not only that, there are lots of businesses go online and start to promote their business pages on Facebook, and invest further with online marketing to capture and serve their customers via online marketing platforms.

Stable Market to Expect with ‘Go Online’ Business Model

There are some professionals argued that, the increased online demand during Coronavirus period, may not exist further in post pandemic market. But that may not be true; customers who feel safe and easy may proceed with online buying, besides of the fact, online buying saves lots of time in terms of travel and more. By applying various customer acquisitions or marketing techniques, businesses may introduce different offer schemes and capture the online market even the online market demand goes negative near future. So, the businesses may invest and go online now, without having any worries about their future of online business model, as there are more and more room for market development in future for any online business.

3 Better Cost Cutting Practices for Better Survival of Business

1. Moderately Save e-Commerce Website Design Cost

As a rule of thumb, businesses which decide to go online should understand that, having well functional and attractive e-commerce website is not adequate to generate more sales and profits. There should be the digital marketing channels professionally tuned well to reach the target audience on digital (online) market space. For businesses in Sri Lanka which enter the e-commerce World just now, or any other startups which try to capture the online market demand, should have a website to communicate with their target customers, but it is not wise to invest millions of money for it. Usually, there are e-commerce web design companies in Sri Lanka requires millions of investment to setup a complete e-commerce website. If a startup online business, invest such huge investment on just web design, the business may not have enough funds to invest with marketing and operational activities.

2. Go Virtual & Save Office Rental

Once again the Coronavirus taught us a lesson that, teams can be still connected virtually and proceed with business activities. With the use of technology, and highly recommended technical tools in table, the businesses may save the rental cost for their office operational activities.

3. Go for Freelancers for Delivery

By hiring freelancers or outsource service agencies, the businesses can save cost of human resource management, and other human resource activities.

As there are more businesses entering the digital market space now, the competition on online market space is high, and the businesses should have enough finance to survive and market their products or services. So, as a cost-cutting mechanism, the business may save some of their money with e-commerce website design, office rental, human resource cost, and invest that money with online marketing activities such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and operational activities. By investing in the marketing & operational activities, as business grows further, the business owners may go on adding extra features such as complete e-commerce platform, integrated payment gateway systems, setting up attractive outlets for customers to collect products/services etc.

Important Services You Can Gain When You Work With A Reputed SEO Company In Sri Lanka

Search Engine Marketing Sri Lanka

Why Work With A SEO Company

In this day and age working with a SEO expert has become a very important part of business operations in Sri Lanka. This is because it is now not enough to merely offer good quality products and services to customers. It has become equally important to make your business and brand visible to the outside to make your target customers want to business with you. One such method of promoting this level of interaction is by developing a successful SEO and Search Engine Marketing strategy for your business.

Search Engine Optimization Sri Lanka

When you work with such a SEO company in Sri Lanka the EQLankaSEO, you will be able to gain a host of benefits. One of the most important benefits is that you can get them to provide valued services that can be selected based on your requirements. All these services will also be offered with very high quality that will thereby result in positive results being achieved. Some of these strategies might be long term while other may provide instant results. On the other hand, they might even be paid vs. non-paid marketing strategies (Organic vs Inorganic, Search Results Vs Paid Results). No matter what the option is, a good digital marketing expert like EQLankaSEO, can help you choose and determine what you need to apply.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM Sri Lanka

At a high level, one of the important ways in which such a professional can help you is with SEM. This encompasses all the paid strategies a company in Sri Lanka can adopt. Because they are paid for, many choose to work with a professional that will be able to optimize the utilization of your investment. Unlike a newbie attempting to carry this out, the expert will be able to propose the right methods and of course right time to run the specific search engine marketing strategies.

Pay per click

Google Ads Campaign Specialist Sri Lanka

Pay per click is one of the faster ways a business in Sri Lanka can gain traffic towards their site. This is a sub section of SEM and PPC is actually one of the fastest methods through which you can see an increase in traffic within a few days. It is highly recommended that every type of business in Sri Lanka and EQLankaSEO is here for you to attract more clicks and more inquires with the PPC campaign for you, may be for local Sri Lanka market or international market.

Google Ads Management Sri Lanka

If you are looking for any kind of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), may be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Pay per click advertising – connect with us today for the best results of your investment. With years of experience in search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, search engine marketing, social media marketing and over all digital marketing experiences, we at is geared to offer the best return on investment for you.

Working with A SEO Company in Sri Lanka

SEO Company Sri Lanka

Important Things You Need To Know When You Work With A SEO Company In Sri Lanka

How To Hire SEO Specialist

SEO is an art which needs to be managed in a careful manner. Many large companies have mastered in the art of Search Engine Optimization, and are reaping the benefits of it. In most parts of the world SEO has thus become an important tool in helping business gain improved visibility among their target audience and hence an effective means of growing their business. This need has now been identified among businesses in Sri Lanka as well. But there is no easy way to master this art of Search Engine Optimization. Thus most of those who want to effectively implement their business often turn to a SEO Company in Sri Lanka to get the search engine optimization services they seek.

Sri Lanka SEO

When you hire SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka, it will first help you to understand what such a professional does. They actually have a multitude of skills that help a website or the entire online presence of a business get good rankings and show up on top of targeted searches on search engines like Google. This means whenever someone is looking for businesses or services related to what you offer, your business will gain high prominence on the search engine results page.

To achieve the above, the SEO expert you choose must offer a variety of tasks in order to secure top positions on search engines for the searches releated to your business. In the case you partner with a leading service provider in Sri Lanka like EQLankaSEO you will see that they methodically approach the project by taking care of various aspects. Firstly there are technical factors involved, the on-page SEO tasks, including keyword research, code analysis, high quality content creation, ease of navigation, 404 page analysis, 301 redirects analysis, and so on. And, finally are the off-page factors like incoming links.

SEO Expert Sri Lanka

Cost Of SEO In Sri Lanka

Now that you know the importance of hiring an SEO specialist like EQLankaSEO you would also need to understand what are the cost factors involved with building a SEO strategy and overall search engine marketing strategy. Any good SEO professional will first start with a SEO audit. Since most businesses already have an online presence to start with, the professional will perform an audit to see how this can be used as a base to carry out the work. In addition the following factors contribute to the cost.

  • Quality of the website
  • Competition faced in the industry

SEO Agency Sri Lanka

What Are The Important Services You Can Get When You Partner With A Reputed SEO Company In Sri Lanka?

SEO Sri Lanka

Search Engine Optimization In Sri Lanka

As a business operating in Sri Lanka, you will most certainly be interested in any tools and techniques that will help improve your business operations. One such very important tool that has gained high levels of popularity is the use of SEO to develop a comprehensive internet marketing strategy for your business. SEO is a great marketing solution because it is known to provide a multitude of benefits that contribute to your business to gain sustainable competitive advantage over other competitors in the market space.

SEO Specialist Sri Lanka

Owing to this increased importance you would most certainly feel the need to get in touch with a reputed SEO company in Sri Lanka and learn about the many search engine optimization services that can be used to place your business ahead of the competition. With more and more consumers going online to find the products and services, they seek to complete all their actions online, it becomes important that you have a solid internet marketing strategy in place to make the best use of your resources and take your business to higher levels.

Important Parts of Search Engine Optimization Services

One of the fundamental aspects you need to focus on with search engine optimization is on-site SEO. Most businesses in Sri Lanka operate through a website, but most of these websites are not optimized for search engine results page, in the best way to gain optimum search engine visibility. With a best SEO strategy in place you will be able to make your site more searchable. In addition to this you can also make your website more user-friendly to promote better engagement levels. To do so, a guidance of search engine marketing expert in Sri Lanka is the ideal option.

SEO Company Sri Lanka

An equally important part of your online marketing strategy in Sri Lanka is to focus on off-site SEO. This is another important area a reliable SEO professional can help you. In order for you site to gain a top search positions in search engine results page (SERP), an important factor would be the number of incoming links it has. When there are quality incoming links it would signal a sense of trust and dependability of your business website which in turn will positively influence your search ranking position on search engine results page.

SEO Agency Sri Lanka

What Are The Top Internet Marketing Tips To Help Small Businesses In Sri Lanka To Grow?

As a business in Sri Lanka, no matter whether you are a large business of small business growing to gain traction in the market, you must have already felt the pressure of having to step up your game in order to become more visible and grow your business at a healthy rate of growth. For this, it is important to put as many tools you have at your disposal to good use. Since there is extra emphasis on digital marketing these days, you too should think about the different ways you can use this to your benefit.

Search Engine Optimization Sri Lanka

Importance Of Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka

You may have already heard much talk about Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka. And all this talk is completely justifiable as if you manage to master this art of using SEO to your advantage, you too could apply this to your business in a successful manner. Simply put, what SEO will do for you is that it will help improve your visibility and also create a better user experience. This is done by:

  • Getting your site better rankings so that it can be easily found for target consumers in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world
  • Create a better user experience by building a more engaging site
  • Improve conversion rate and thereby improve revenue generation

Other Digital Marketing Tips In Sri Lanka

Blogging is another good digital marketing strategy to apply for your business. Many businesses in Sri Lanka have started to use this method to build their business reputation. When you are a small business, you will feel this pressure quite a bit as you are trying to build up a stable platform for your business as well. Blogging will help you use the expertise you have gained through building your business and with the use of effective SEO strategies; help increase your number of leads.

Another important focus you must not overlook in Sri Lanka is that everything is becoming mobile friendly. Mobile technology has made up an important part of internet marketing and therefore is an important aspect to leverage on. Focusing on mobile browsing and the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will not only help you get the word out about your business; it will also help you build brand reputation in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Important On-page SEO Factors to Cover in a SEO Audit

URL Structure

URL structure of sub-pages of the website should be meaningful and easy to understand by users. In old days many web designers used numbers when creating pages. But as per popular search engine Google it is not meaningful. For example, if a web page is about a honeymoon tour package, a better URL structure would be or But or, etc are not recommended page URLs. Having the target primary keyword in the URL structure helps to climb in rankings on search results. Also, it is NOT recommended to have lengthy URL structure like

Navigation Menu

Navigation menu is important structure of a website, users use it to navigate across other web pages. A typical navigation menu contains links for Home page, About Us Page, Service Page (individual services comes as sub-menu of the service page), Testimonials page, Blog, Contact Us page etc. For example, a tour business may have the following top navigation menu :

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Tour Packages
    • Sri Lanka Beach Tour
      • 3 Days Beach Holidays
      • 5 Days Beach Holidays
      • 7 Days Beach Holidays
    • Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour
      • 5 Days Honeymoon Holidays
      • 14 Days Honeymoon Holidays
    • Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour
    • Sri Lanka Family Tour
    • Sri Lanka Cultural Tour
  • Testimonials
  • Travel Blog
  • Contact Us

Note that, text label of menu item should be meaningful, it gives an idea about page to the visitor, also it becomes the anchor text for inner link building that helps in search engine optimization.

Footer Section

It is vital to have copyright details, privacy policy, terms and conditions page as well as a footer menu in footer section. A footer menu is almost similar to top navigation menu; but for SEO purpose, it is better to link to pages that are not linked in the top navigation page to give more exposure to such inner pages; or an detail easy to understand website structure with links pointing to inner pages help for better search engine results rankings. A tour operating business footer section may have the below sections :

  • List of activities to do in Sri Lanka
  • List of tour attractions in Sri Lanka
  • List of Tour the agency organize
  • List of most important tour packages
  • Link to Home, Blog, Contact us pages

Title & Meta Descriptions

Title & meta descriptions play vital role in SEO. Having primary keyword in title & meta description as well as having better call of actions within title & meta descriptions are helpful in SEO as well as to increase the click-through rates from search results. That is, Having attractive, keyword rich title and meta description are important to increase the search engine rankings & click through rates. It does not mean to have all target keywords in title & meta description which may look like spam and will have negative impact in SEO.

Other than above discussed factors there are various on-page SEO factors which Google and other popular search engines take into account when returning results for a query from user.

Why Landing Page Optimization is MUST for Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

These days online marketing is important for businesses in Sri Lanka as result of demand growth via online. Search engines such as Google plays vital role in driving more traffic, leads, inquires and sales. The SEO company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO guides to get top listing on Google search results & achieving marketing goals for Sri Lanka and international businesses. Having website on top results in the Google search ranking page is not enough. The professional SEO specialist should guarantee that the landing page helps to increase conversion rates, so that visitors can communicate with business and proceed to sales. Not only the landing page, but also website structure & ease of navigation around website too important to increase number of inquires received.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is where visitor arrives first; so, there should be a way user can interact easily with website. There should be easy way, the user can navigate to other pages of website too. The recommended things to have on a landing page :

For a business that Offers Services
  • It is better to have quick contact form in landing page, which helps to collect required information from visitor.
  • If business offer any special offers, it can be displayed on top corner with eye catchy design/button.
  • Having e-mail, and phone number in big letters.
  • Displaying reviews from third party websites such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook etc.
For a Business that Sells Products Online
  • Showcase top products with images, some product details & bigger “Buy Now” button
  • Customer care contact details (phone number, email)
  • Online chat form to contact with customer care
  • If there are any discount offers, display it with eye catchy design

Either for services or products, having a user friendly and easy to understand navigation menu is the must on the header & footer. This helps visitors to navigate to other pages of the website and explore the information they are seeking for, which too assists on getting inquires.

Contact SEO consultant in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO today for better landing page optimization to increase number of inquiries thorough your website. Landing page optimization, website structure optimization and navigation optimization not only gives better user experience, but also let the search engine crawlers to index all the pages of the website and improve search engine rankings too.

Time for Sri Lanka Businesses to Focus on Online Market Demand

SEO Company Sri Lanka

In 2017, even though Sri Lanka is one of the developing country in the World, it does not mean Sri Lankans are far away beyond the digital World. Almost everyone has their smartphone and familiar with internet, Facebook, Google and more. As result of technology growth and globalization, Sri Lankans are up to date on what is happening around the World.

How Google & Facebook Help for More Sales

As this is the current climate, for the businesses operating in Sri Lanka, it is must now to go for online market and secure their market share on online through various popular online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Even though Facebook helps to reach target audience, the reach through Google is easier to convert into sales compare to Facebook.

SEO Sri Lanka

This is because, with Google, businesses reach almost the target audience, that is, if someone wants to buy something they query on Google to find the product/service. By so, almost the Google users are on the way to purchase. So, covering more market space on Google platform is vital for the businesses, and it is inbound marketing method, which costs lower compare to television, radio, newspaper and other traditional campaigns.

On the other hand, even though target customers liked the business’s Facebook page, it is not always guaranteed they are on a buying process compare to a Google user comes from a Google search. Anyhow, it is important for Sri Lanka businesses to use combination of both Facebook and Google to get more sales/results out of the online market demand.

Google PPC Vs SEO

Google Ads Management Sri Lanka

There are two ways the businesses can have their visibility on Google. Such as Google Adwords Campaign (Pay per click) and Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the Google Adwords (PPC), the businesses pay Google for each and every click the website receives from the Adword. For a single Google search, Google displays about 4 Adwords on top and 1-2 on the bottom of the search results page. That is, there is room for only 4-5 business for a search term. Google chooses the Adwords to display based on the bid amount and the Adwords quality. So, the businesses should pay more than their competitors to stay on top. On long run, Google PPC is expensive (specially on a competitive market), even though it drives results. It is obvious that many businesses may not have ideas on how to work with PPC, on such cases there are online marketing companies like in Sri Lanka to help businesses to get success with Pay Per Click Campaigns.

SEO Expert Sri Lanka

Optimizing business website to Google helps to drive FREE traffic from Google. But it takes time subjected to the competition, business market, the search phrases to get top rankings and more. Even though it takes time, on the long run, the businesses will get great amount of benefits compare to Google PPC. is one of the best SEO company in Sri Lanka serving international and local clients since 2007. With huge amount of experience, gets top rankings on Google and helps businesses in Sri Lanka and globally to get more sales and generate more profits.

SEO Sri Lanka

Mobile Friendly Websites

Even though the most of the businesses have website for their business in Sri Lanka, there are businesses which do not have mobile friendly website. That is, the businesses are not up to date with the technology. As discussed above, many Sri Lankans visit the website through their mobile devices compare to desktop devices. If the website is not mobile friendly, the target customer may simply switch to a competitor who has mobile friendly website. So, it is very important for businesses to ensure the mobile friendliness of their website.

How SEO Impacts Your Business In Sri Lanka

SEO Company Sri Lanka

The fundamental premise for having SEO strategy is to draw traffic from your target consumer group and thereby achieve sales growth and increase in revenue. But as a business in Sri Lanka it is important to understand that search engine optimization does not deliver top rankings overnight. It should be viewed as a continuous process. That is why it is useful to partner with a professional SEO company in Sri Lanka to create a healthy working relationship where we could guide you through the process step-by-step of the way.

SEO Services

No matter what industry you are in, the competition among companies in Sri Lanka is becoming quite stiff. Therefore it is useful to apply strategic SEO techniques which would help set your company above the rest of the competition. It is also important that you build up online reputation and create a sustainable competitive edge via online market space. This can be achieved through SEO & Search Engine Marketing. With almost all companies operating within Sri Lanka now building their online presence, it is essential that you try to outperform your competitors in this aspect of online presence. The following are some of the positives brought about by search engine optimization.

  • Your website becomes more user friendly
  • You would be able to reach a wider target consumer group
  • Achieve better conversion rates

Sri Lanka SEO Company

Why SEO Is Essential For Business Growth

A major part of defining your business success within Sri Lanka is how aware your consumers are about your brand and the brand value created around it. This is one of the more hidden advantages offered through proper SEO strategies. But the impact is quite significant. It is found that consumers are more likely to see businesses which have higher search rankings and better online presence. Therefore it is a must that as an aspiring company in Sri Lanka that you build your brand awareness through SEO. We invite you to partner with us, your SEO specialist to develop SEO strategy for your success.

Sri Lanka SEO Services