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Welcome to SEO tour by the leading SEO company in Sri Lanka that offers the SEO services to Sri Lanka businesses at affordable prices with the best R.O.I (return on investment) of the businesses in mind. As we follow the strong saying “our goal is your success”, we are here to deliver the top results on search engine results page for our clients, for the search terms with high demand among Google searchers. Contact us – the result oriented SEO company in Sri Lanka for FREE SEO quotes by filling the form on the right-hand side.

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On our SEO tour (which contains 3 sections ) we briefly explain how we work on the SEO project for our valuable clients to get top rankings on search engines search results.

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SECTION 1. Online Market Research

We work on keyword research to find out the online market demand for the client’s business, and recommend the search terms with good amount of monthly searches which may drive more clicks and sales.

SECTION 2. Web Audit & On Page SEO

Once the keywords are finalized, we do a complete check on the website and audit against the white-hat SEO practices (the practices recommended by Google webmaster tools). The output report of the web audit will have the recommendations of changes to apply on the website to make it search engine friendly, some of the items may require the involvement of web designers.

Based on the web audit report, we do changes to the website, which is called ‘on-page SEO’ and ensure the website is search engine friendly.

SECTION 3. Off Page SEO (Link Building)

We get links for the client website from other websites, and we ensure the links we get are the professional and trustworthy to get top rankings on search engine results page. The web link building is an ongoing process, we apply different link building strategies to get variety of links pointing to client site, to get top rankings on Google.

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