Working with A SEO Company in Sri Lanka

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Important Things You Need To Know When You Work With A SEO Company In Sri Lanka

How To Hire SEO Specialist

SEO is an art which needs to be managed in a careful manner. Many large companies have mastered in the art of Search Engine Optimization, and are reaping the benefits of it. In most parts of the world SEO has thus become an important tool in helping business gain improved visibility among their target audience and hence an effective means of growing their business. This need has now been identified among businesses in Sri Lanka as well. But there is no easy way to master this art of Search Engine Optimization. Thus most of those who want to effectively implement their business often turn to a SEO Company in Sri Lanka to get the search engine optimization services they seek.

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When you hire SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka, it will first help you to understand what such a professional does. They actually have a multitude of skills that help a website or the entire online presence of a business get good rankings and show up on top of targeted searches on search engines like Google. This means whenever someone is looking for businesses or services related to what you offer, your business will gain high prominence on the search engine results page.

To achieve the above, the SEO expert you choose must offer a variety of tasks in order to secure top positions on search engines for the searches releated to your business. In the case you partner with a leading service provider in Sri Lanka like EQLankaSEO you will see that they methodically approach the project by taking care of various aspects. Firstly there are technical factors involved, the on-page SEO tasks, including keyword research, code analysis, high quality content creation, ease of navigation, 404 page analysis, 301 redirects analysis, and so on. And, finally are the off-page factors like incoming links.

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Cost Of SEO In Sri Lanka

Now that you know the importance of hiring an SEO specialist like EQLankaSEO you would also need to understand what are the cost factors involved with building a SEO strategy and overall search engine marketing strategy. Any good SEO professional will first start with a SEO audit. Since most businesses already have an online presence to start with, the professional will perform an audit to see how this can be used as a base to carry out the work. In addition the following factors contribute to the cost.

  • Quality of the website
  • Competition faced in the industry

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Important On-page SEO Factors to Cover in a SEO Audit

URL Structure

URL structure of sub-pages of the website should be meaningful and easy to understand by users. In old days many web designers used numbers when creating pages. But as per popular search engine Google it is not meaningful. For example, if a web page is about a honeymoon tour package, a better URL structure would be or But or, etc are not recommended page URLs. Having the target primary keyword in the URL structure helps to climb in rankings on search results. Also, it is NOT recommended to have lengthy URL structure like

Navigation Menu

Navigation menu is important structure of a website, users use it to navigate across other web pages. A typical navigation menu contains links for Home page, About Us Page, Service Page (individual services comes as sub-menu of the service page), Testimonials page, Blog, Contact Us page etc. For example, a tour business may have the following top navigation menu :

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Tour Packages
    • Sri Lanka Beach Tour
      • 3 Days Beach Holidays
      • 5 Days Beach Holidays
      • 7 Days Beach Holidays
    • Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour
      • 5 Days Honeymoon Holidays
      • 14 Days Honeymoon Holidays
    • Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour
    • Sri Lanka Family Tour
    • Sri Lanka Cultural Tour
  • Testimonials
  • Travel Blog
  • Contact Us

Note that, text label of menu item should be meaningful, it gives an idea about page to the visitor, also it becomes the anchor text for inner link building that helps in search engine optimization.

Footer Section

It is vital to have copyright details, privacy policy, terms and conditions page as well as a footer menu in footer section. A footer menu is almost similar to top navigation menu; but for SEO purpose, it is better to link to pages that are not linked in the top navigation page to give more exposure to such inner pages; or an detail easy to understand website structure with links pointing to inner pages help for better search engine results rankings. A tour operating business footer section may have the below sections :

  • List of activities to do in Sri Lanka
  • List of tour attractions in Sri Lanka
  • List of Tour the agency organize
  • List of most important tour packages
  • Link to Home, Blog, Contact us pages

Title & Meta Descriptions

Title & meta descriptions play vital role in SEO. Having primary keyword in title & meta description as well as having better call of actions within title & meta descriptions are helpful in SEO as well as to increase the click-through rates from search results. That is, Having attractive, keyword rich title and meta description are important to increase the search engine rankings & click through rates. It does not mean to have all target keywords in title & meta description which may look like spam and will have negative impact in SEO.

Other than above discussed factors there are various on-page SEO factors which Google and other popular search engines take into account when returning results for a query from user.

Why Landing Page Optimization is MUST for Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

These days online marketing is important for businesses in Sri Lanka as result of demand growth via online. Search engines such as Google plays vital role in driving more traffic, leads, inquires and sales. The SEO company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO guides to get top listing on Google search results & achieving marketing goals for Sri Lanka and international businesses. Having website on top results in the Google search ranking page is not enough. The professional SEO specialist should guarantee that the landing page helps to increase conversion rates, so that visitors can communicate with business and proceed to sales. Not only the landing page, but also website structure & ease of navigation around website too important to increase number of inquires received.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is where visitor arrives first; so, there should be a way user can interact easily with website. There should be easy way, the user can navigate to other pages of website too. The recommended things to have on a landing page :

For a business that Offers Services
  • It is better to have quick contact form in landing page, which helps to collect required information from visitor.
  • If business offer any special offers, it can be displayed on top corner with eye catchy design/button.
  • Having e-mail, and phone number in big letters.
  • Displaying reviews from third party websites such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook etc.
For a Business that Sells Products Online
  • Showcase top products with images, some product details & bigger “Buy Now” button
  • Customer care contact details (phone number, email)
  • Online chat form to contact with customer care
  • If there are any discount offers, display it with eye catchy design

Either for services or products, having a user friendly and easy to understand navigation menu is the must on the header & footer. This helps visitors to navigate to other pages of the website and explore the information they are seeking for, which too assists on getting inquires.

Contact SEO consultant in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO today for better landing page optimization to increase number of inquiries thorough your website. Landing page optimization, website structure optimization and navigation optimization not only gives better user experience, but also let the search engine crawlers to index all the pages of the website and improve search engine rankings too.