Why Landing Page Optimization is MUST for Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

These days online marketing is important for businesses in Sri Lanka as result of demand growth via online. Search engines such as Google plays vital role in driving more traffic, leads, inquires and sales. The SEO company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO guides to get top listing on Google search results & achieving marketing goals for Sri Lanka and international businesses. Having website on top results in the Google search ranking page is not enough. The professional SEO specialist should guarantee that the landing page helps to increase conversion rates, so that visitors can communicate with business and proceed to sales. Not only the landing page, but also website structure & ease of navigation around website too important to increase number of inquires received.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is where visitor arrives first; so, there should be a way user can interact easily with website. There should be easy way, the user can navigate to other pages of website too. The recommended things to have on a landing page :

For a business that Offers Services
  • It is better to have quick contact form in landing page, which helps to collect required information from visitor.
  • If business offer any special offers, it can be displayed on top corner with eye catchy design/button.
  • Having e-mail, and phone number in big letters.
  • Displaying reviews from third party websites such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook etc.
For a Business that Sells Products Online
  • Showcase top products with images, some product details & bigger “Buy Now” button
  • Customer care contact details (phone number, email)
  • Online chat form to contact with customer care
  • If there are any discount offers, display it with eye catchy design

Either for services or products, having a user friendly and easy to understand navigation menu is the must on the header & footer. This helps visitors to navigate to other pages of the website and explore the information they are seeking for, which too assists on getting inquires.

Contact SEO consultant in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO today for better landing page optimization to increase number of inquiries thorough your website. Landing page optimization, website structure optimization and navigation optimization not only gives better user experience, but also let the search engine crawlers to index all the pages of the website and improve search engine rankings too.