What Are The Top Internet Marketing Tips To Help Small Businesses In Sri Lanka To Grow?

As a business in Sri Lanka, no matter whether you are a large business of small business growing to gain traction in the market, you must have already felt the pressure of having to step up your game in order to become more visible and grow your business at a healthy rate of growth. For this, it is important to put as many tools you have at your disposal to good use. Since there is extra emphasis on digital marketing these days, you too should think about the different ways you can use this to your benefit.

Search Engine Optimization Sri Lanka

Importance Of Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka

You may have already heard much talk about Search Engine Optimization in Sri Lanka. And all this talk is completely justifiable as if you manage to master this art of using SEO to your advantage, you too could apply this to your business in a successful manner. Simply put, what SEO will do for you is that it will help improve your visibility and also create a better user experience. This is done by:

  • Getting your site better rankings so that it can be easily found for target consumers in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world
  • Create a better user experience by building a more engaging site
  • Improve conversion rate and thereby improve revenue generation

Other Digital Marketing Tips In Sri Lanka

Blogging is another good digital marketing strategy to apply for your business. Many businesses in Sri Lanka have started to use this method to build their business reputation. When you are a small business, you will feel this pressure quite a bit as you are trying to build up a stable platform for your business as well. Blogging will help you use the expertise you have gained through building your business and with the use of effective SEO strategies; help increase your number of leads.

Another important focus you must not overlook in Sri Lanka is that everything is becoming mobile friendly. Mobile technology has made up an important part of internet marketing and therefore is an important aspect to leverage on. Focusing on mobile browsing and the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will not only help you get the word out about your business; it will also help you build brand reputation in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Why Landing Page Optimization is MUST for Online Marketing in Sri Lanka

These days online marketing is important for businesses in Sri Lanka as result of demand growth via online. Search engines such as Google plays vital role in driving more traffic, leads, inquires and sales. The SEO company in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO guides to get top listing on Google search results & achieving marketing goals for Sri Lanka and international businesses. Having website on top results in the Google search ranking page is not enough. The professional SEO specialist should guarantee that the landing page helps to increase conversion rates, so that visitors can communicate with business and proceed to sales. Not only the landing page, but also website structure & ease of navigation around website too important to increase number of inquires received.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is where visitor arrives first; so, there should be a way user can interact easily with website. There should be easy way, the user can navigate to other pages of website too. The recommended things to have on a landing page :

For a business that Offers Services
  • It is better to have quick contact form in landing page, which helps to collect required information from visitor.
  • If business offer any special offers, it can be displayed on top corner with eye catchy design/button.
  • Having e-mail, and phone number in big letters.
  • Displaying reviews from third party websites such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook etc.
For a Business that Sells Products Online
  • Showcase top products with images, some product details & bigger “Buy Now” button
  • Customer care contact details (phone number, email)
  • Online chat form to contact with customer care
  • If there are any discount offers, display it with eye catchy design

Either for services or products, having a user friendly and easy to understand navigation menu is the must on the header & footer. This helps visitors to navigate to other pages of the website and explore the information they are seeking for, which too assists on getting inquires.

Contact SEO consultant in Sri Lanka, the EQLankaSEO today for better landing page optimization to increase number of inquiries thorough your website. Landing page optimization, website structure optimization and navigation optimization not only gives better user experience, but also let the search engine crawlers to index all the pages of the website and improve search engine rankings too.

Time for Sri Lanka Businesses to Focus on Online Market Demand

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In 2017, even though Sri Lanka is one of the developing country in the World, it does not mean Sri Lankans are far away beyond the digital World. Almost everyone has their smartphone and familiar with internet, Facebook, Google and more. As result of technology growth and globalization, Sri Lankans are up to date on what is happening around the World.

How Google & Facebook Help for More Sales

As this is the current climate, for the businesses operating in Sri Lanka, it is must now to go for online market and secure their market share on online through various popular online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Even though Facebook helps to reach target audience, the reach through Google is easier to convert into sales compare to Facebook.

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This is because, with Google, businesses reach almost the target audience, that is, if someone wants to buy something they query on Google to find the product/service. By so, almost the Google users are on the way to purchase. So, covering more market space on Google platform is vital for the businesses, and it is inbound marketing method, which costs lower compare to television, radio, newspaper and other traditional campaigns.

On the other hand, even though target customers liked the business’s Facebook page, it is not always guaranteed they are on a buying process compare to a Google user comes from a Google search. Anyhow, it is important for Sri Lanka businesses to use combination of both Facebook and Google to get more sales/results out of the online market demand.

Google PPC Vs SEO

Google Ads Management Sri Lanka

There are two ways the businesses can have their visibility on Google. Such as Google Adwords Campaign (Pay per click) and Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With the Google Adwords (PPC), the businesses pay Google for each and every click the website receives from the Adword. For a single Google search, Google displays about 4 Adwords on top and 1-2 on the bottom of the search results page. That is, there is room for only 4-5 business for a search term. Google chooses the Adwords to display based on the bid amount and the Adwords quality. So, the businesses should pay more than their competitors to stay on top. On long run, Google PPC is expensive (specially on a competitive market), even though it drives results. It is obvious that many businesses may not have ideas on how to work with PPC, on such cases there are online marketing companies like EQLankaSEO.com in Sri Lanka to help businesses to get success with Pay Per Click Campaigns.

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Optimizing business website to Google helps to drive FREE traffic from Google. But it takes time subjected to the competition, business market, the search phrases to get top rankings and more. Even though it takes time, on the long run, the businesses will get great amount of benefits compare to Google PPC. EQLankaSEO.com is one of the best SEO company in Sri Lanka serving international and local clients since 2007. With huge amount of experience, EQLankaSEO.com gets top rankings on Google and helps businesses in Sri Lanka and globally to get more sales and generate more profits.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Even though the most of the businesses have website for their business in Sri Lanka, there are businesses which do not have mobile friendly website. That is, the businesses are not up to date with the technology. As discussed above, many Sri Lankans visit the website through their mobile devices compare to desktop devices. If the website is not mobile friendly, the target customer may simply switch to a competitor who has mobile friendly website. So, it is very important for businesses to ensure the mobile friendliness of their website.